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MOIS THEMATIQUE : Géométrie complexe

The last years have seen important developments in the understanding of the geometry of complex algebraic varieties, and more generally Kählerian varieties. This session will aim at gathering (...)

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Workshop on Nash blow-up and Semple tower II

The goal of the Workshop is to bring together mathematicians from Complex Geometry and from Singularities working with different declinations of Nash Blow-Ups and the Semple Tower. They shall exchange their viewpoint and explain in an introductory way how to use these objects in their respective fields. The aim is to encourage interactions.

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Rencontre annuelle du GDR

du 17 au 21 décembre 2018, CIRM, Luminy

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Valuations and birational geometry

Une conférence intitulée "Valuations and birational geometry" aura lieu à Lille du 13 au 17 mai 2019.

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